Nurse Appreciation Month!

92.5 The FOX knows nurses deserve more than one week of thanks, so we’re celebrating Nurses Appreciation Month all May long! There’s no better time to say thank you to those on the front lines. 92.5 The FOX and Modern Office Methods ask you to download the Support Our Nurses white ribbon and put it in your window.

You can also nominate a nurse and their team for a free catered meal from our friends at Raising Canes Chicken Fingers. Nominate them today! Thank you, nurses, for your hard work and bravery!

Nurses Appreciation Month—sponsored by Modern Office Methods and Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers, on 92.5 The FOX!

Week 1 Nominee: Megan Elam
Story: She is a dedicated nurse at Children’s Hospital in the Oncology floor.   Megan tries to put a smile on the face of the kids going through Chemo treatments and also comfort the parents as they watch their child go through terrible situation.  Megan and her team of nurses are Super Heroes in my book having to stay focused at their job and hold back emotions when seeing what these kids have to deal with.

Week 2 Nominee: Jenny Foster
Story: I am nominating my daughter, Jenny Foster, who along with her team, works in the Medical ICU at UC Medical Center.  She has been  tirelessly caring for the sickest Covid-19 patients with her usual dedication and grace.  It has taken an emotional toll on her, but she never waivers in her determination to provide the best care to her patients and their families.  Jenny works day and night shifts, often up to 13 hours at a time.  She has known since childhood that she wanted to be a nurse, and has been working at UC for 6 years.  The front line workers deserve the utmost recognition during this frightening time.

Week 3 Nominee: Matt Clarke
Story:  I am nominating this person and the team because they take care of very critical patients. Not only are they caring, empathetic & flexible these nurses(men & women) maintain a positive energy around their patients; never losing hope. Patients who may be mid heart attack or stroke and where seconds matter for life or death and are reassured by a soft touch, a smile or calming words. All these nurses have been crossed trained during this Covid 19 outbreak to step in where they are needed and when called to go to other departments they graciously go. They all have a great sense of humor even under immense stress. Cocktails anyone :)!!!! These nurses support each other which helps when a day may go sideways. They equally cover shifts and all take turns on call.  A ‘lay’ person often says sarcastically ‘its not life or death’ yet these nurses live it each & every day while on duty. They go back  to a similar situation just a different day. And they come refreshed with smiles and kind words for their peers but especially for their patients. It is their calling, their passion yet it is their compassion that melds them as one. They come to give of themselves for others. They are the Cardiac Team of Jewish Hospital, the team, that gives from their hearts so others may live.


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